This is a good effort from the acoustic-pop duo from Texas. But while they offer some very good songs, the album isn’t striking overall.

Songs such as “Barren Land,” “Be Near” and “Hearts of Servants” are stand-outs. Unfortunately, though, most of the songs don’t really reach out and grab us, urging us to say, “Wow! I have got to hear that again!” The other drawback with this collection is that the songs are similar in sound, seemingly running together into one long song. A little more musical variety would bring energy to the CD.

On the positive side, Carry Away may grow on you. After hearing “Barren Land” for the first time, the impression is that the song is a bit disjointed. Several listens later, the song begs a different opinion, leaving the realization that it’s a really good song. Those who enjoy relaxing, easy-listening music will appreciate this CD.

For calm afternoons or quiet moments, Carry Away does the trick. It’s good contemplative or background music, which is not meant to imply that it’s best suited to be heard in elevators or shopping malls. This album is a good stepping-stone toward a bright future for the Texas twosome.

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