Delirious? played to more than one million people in the United States and abroad during the last two years. From those concert appearances comes Access:d, the band’s first live double CD collection.This is not the typical CD recorded from a single concert. In Access:d, 20 songs and six spontaneous moments are assembled into two CDs and one inspired worship collection.

Live performances have an unscripted, yet inspired worship element not usually found in studio recordings. The producers of Access:d have done an excellent job of seamlessly blending portions of numerous concerts into what sounds like a single performance. While many attempts at this have resulted in a disconnected collection of songs, the transitions between segments in Access:d form a continuous worship experience.

Delirious? fans will recognize the classic favorites “Everything” and “I Could Sing of Your Love Forever,” with the latter featuring Spanish vocals by lead singer Martin Smith. And the original folksy sound of “Happy Song” has a new rock rhythm. Newer songs from Glo and Touch, two of the band’s latest studio releases, have an intensity that comes only from a live performance.

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Seventeen magazine recently described Delirious? as “a Christian artist that will rock you, whether you’re a Christian or not.” They have also toured with internationally renowned artists such as Bon Jovi and Bryan Adams. In Access:d, Delirious? continues to blur the line between rock and praise music, showing that worship needs to be a part of everyday life.

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