On Touch, the latest studio album from Delirious?, the band continues to demonstrate the reason for its prominence in the Christian music scene.

A major reason for the rock band’s loyal following is its unbending devotion to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Despite touring with mainstream artists such as Bon Jovi and Bryan Adams, and scoring airplay on MTV in the United Kingdom, they have never kowtowed to secular wishes to tone down their love affair with Jesus. This love is evident right off the bat in their latest album, in which poignant and clear lyrics about Jesus complement the trademark drum-driven sound.

In typical Delirious? fashion, Touch blends the silky smooth ballads “Love Is The Compass” and “Angel In Disguise” with the upbeat tracks “Take Me Away” and “Waiting For The Summer.” The ability to shift gears and not get the listener disoriented is a distinctive Delirious? trait that continues on Touch.

In comparison to Glo, the previous Delirious? album, Touch keeps the songs simple without losing the musical impact of the tracks. Gone are most of the looping background noises and chanting we heard on Glo. Instead, the musical focus returns to the instrumentation and vocals.

Touch is a trimmed down version of Audio Lessonover?, a 2001 album released only in Europe. But, as lead singer Martin Smith says, with the United States version, the band had time to review and rework the album to surpass the original.

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