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Jim and Sheri founded Growthtrac Ministries — a 501(c)(3) Christian, nonprofit organization — in 2004. Jim and Sheri grew this ministry as they resourced the couples they mentored. At its inception, Marriagetrac was a one-stop resource for marriage and spiritual information, but early on expanded its vision from its focus on marriage preparation to an expansive hub of Christian marriage resources.

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Who We Are

Growthtrac Ministries is a Christian nonprofit digital media ministry — we are an organization that strengthens marriages by providing life-changing, Christ-centered resources through innovative media.

What We Do

Research tells us when maritally stressed couples seek assistance, they often first turn to the Internet. Marriagetrac is a presence on the internet viewed by a million couples annually who are looking for anonymous, high-quality, faith-based marriage help at zero cost to them. We’re a “marriage hub” with expert articles, author interviews, devotionals, and marriage-building resources.  And, because we believe Christian music draws couples spiritually, we deliver a unique mix of worship and marriage programming on our streamed station, GrowthtracRadio.

What We Believe

The Growthtrac Ministries’ Statement of Faith.

The Challenge

The institution of marriage has the profound ability to shape and edify culture and our society. Marriage is woven into the very fabric of our world and whether a marriage is strong or struggling makes a tremendous impact on our lives — and the stakes are high. 

Studies show that when marriages fail:

  • The risk of poverty increases
  • Parent-child relationships become strained and often crumble
  • Crime increases
  • Children fail academically
  • Fatherless children are more likely to abuse drugs
  • Parental divorce doubles the odds that children will also divorce

Conversely, men and women in strong marriages live longer, healthier and happier lives. When marriages thrive, lives thrive:

  • Spouses are healthier and more productive
  • Children’s physical and mental health is protected
  • Earnings are higher
  • Life expectancy increases
  • Children are more likely to succeed

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