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A first time church visit can feel a lot like a Sunday morning root canal.

Predictably, most people find the “church experience” irrelevant, uncomfortable and intimidating. There’s a reason for that.

Traditional churches target their regular attenders and the “already convinced”. That environment — the music, the message, the tradition, even the people — is not conducive to getting answers. That’s why you feel so out of place. It’s difficult to relate to a church with an inward focus.

Fortunately, there’s an alternative

There’s a church model that’s sensitive to people outside the church: people investigating spiritual truth and seeking answers. These churches honor the “seeking” process and intentionally provide a user friendliness and relevance that make you feel accepted and comfortable.

Where do you find such a church?

The best place to start is by asking friends. A referral could save time and provide a friend to accompany you on those first tentative visits.

What Kind of Church Should We be Going To?

How do you know when you’ve found the right church? You are on a spiritual journey — Think of a church as the place that will facilitate that process through relationships, teaching and worship.

For that to work, you need a church that will honor your questions on a basic level, yet also challenge you and provide opportunity to take you to the next level.

A church is a lot about community —You need relationships. Your church should offer ways to get you connected in small group and ministry.

Most important, find out what your church stands for. What do they believe? What do they base their teaching on? Ask to see their statement of faith — every church should have one.



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Five Reasons to give Church a try…

  • Quality churches do exist — shop around!
  • Church will help make you accessible to God and He will move in your life
  • You will discover incredible, lifelong relationships
  • Your marriage will grow stronger
  • Church will expose you to life-changing worship, teaching, and ministry


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