Think about the most comfortable place in your house. A place where you can be secure, share quiet moments with family or friends, a place for strengthening relationships.

Wayne Watson has created that feeling with his latest release, Living Room. The warm, acoustic-style songs are reminiscent of cozy conversations with friends by the fireplace.

As a group of people having a variety of conversations, the lyrics on Living Room address topics such as God’s grace manifested in our lives, the futile pursuit of material wealth and realizing how precious your spouse is as the years slip by.

Watson sees the title as having many meanings, including that he has come to a point in his life where he is enjoying both his relationship with God and the liberty it brings.

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The two boys Watson sang about in Watercolor Ponies, released in 1990, are grown up now, and have become his co-workers on Living Room. His eldest son, Neal, occupied the producer’s chair for this project. Watson’s younger son, Adam, collaborated on writing two of the songs with his father.

Simple musical arrangements on Living Room complement Watson’s strong, vocal style. Piano, soft guitars and well-placed drum beats give the right amount of support to the word tapestries Watson weaves so well.

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