Back Home, the fifth release from Caedmon’s Call, is a landmark album for the eclectic, seven-member folk-rock band. Cliff Young (guitar, vocals) describes the album as a melting pot representative of the band’s musical journey.

“It’s the culmination of 10 years of being a band, all the different genres that we’ve experimented with and all the different things we’ve been through musically [and] spiritually,” says Young.

Thematically, Back Home picks up where In The Company Of Angels left off. Young says that while the album isn’t explicitly worship in focus, it is very “celebratory” of God and His grace.

This celebration of God is apparent in “The Emptiest Day,” in which desperate people are reminded of God’s faithfulness in times of need. And in the lyrics of “Thousand Miles,” our failings and God’s grace in everyday living is portrayed. “Let me walk as one fixed upon your goal / You know I’ve got a thousand miles to go.”

Caedmon’s Call is known for musical experimentation, probably best exemplified in Long Line of Leavers, released in 2000. Back Home is no exception. The band members have not only made a return to their folk-acoustic roots, but also downplay their typical guitar-driven sound in favor of percussion-led songs that highlight beats and rhythm.

Back Home also ventures into world music, making use of various percussion and rhythm instruments. Caedmon’s incorporates an African instrument called a “berimbau” to create an interesting bass rhythm in the song “Hands of the Potter,” while “The Kingdom” offers a Middle-Eastern sound.

Young says they created this new album as they did their previous independent CDs. They produced the album themselves, striving to make it simple and easy to sing along with. The result: Back Home is fun. Vocalists Cliff Young, Danielle Young and Derek Webb sound as though they’re having a great time. However, when called for, the vocalists also convey sincerity and emotion, drawing the listener into their songs, stories and prayers.

Back Home is a groundbreaking album for Caedmon’s Call. This enjoyable collection combines the heart and raw energy of a young “college” band eager to make an impact for Christ, with a matured songwriting and musicianship that is achieved only by time.

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