From the first track, you’re on a ride. The song, “Worldwide: One,” opens with the roar of a jet, a steady drumbeat and a British-accented air traffic controller giving you clearance to land. Moving, heart pounding and exciting are all ways to describe the mere thought of going on a mission trip. It’s also a good way to describe Worldwide, the latest album from Audio Adrenaline.

Themes of missions and outreach have long been a part of Audio Adrenaline’s music. Worldwide continues this tradition with a very direct message: Encourage listeners — in view of God’s mercy — to be the “hands and feet” of Christ and take His love to a hurting world, locally and globally.

The songs on Worldwide are meant to inspire action. “Dirty,” which sounds like a musical combination of previous hits “Free Ride” and “Get Down,” is a call to serve others. “Strong,” which could easily be incorporated into any youth worship service, echoes the same sentiment. With a hook reminiscent of Isaiah 6:8, frontman Mark Stuart, in his energetic, gritty voice, belts out, “Here am I / I am Yours / Send me!”

Tyler Burkum offers listeners more than just great guitar riffs. Making his vocal debut on last year’s hit, “Ocean Floor,” he steps up to the mic on lead vocals for many of the songs on Worldwide. Audio A also put a creative spin on the production of the album. Songs “Worldwide: One” and “Dirty” incorporate audience applause sound effects to give the recordings a live feel.

Additionally, each CD includes a radio remix of “Ocean Floor” and a backstage pass to the Audio A tour, “The Go Show,” where fans can attend a special reception at which the band will talk about mission work.

The album ends enthusiastically with a live-sounding track, “Start A Fire,” once again encouraging the listener to make a difference wherever they are. Worldwide is fun rock ‘n’ roll, and is sure to encourage the anxious pew-sitter and the weary servant alike to minister to their world.

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