Third Day’s newest worship release, Offerings II, shows us why there is always room in a CD collection for another worship project. With a refreshing intensity and passion for this genre of music, Third Day’s worship envelops the listener with lyrics that wash over the soul. The songwriting skills of Mac Powell multiply on each successive project.

Familiar songs such as “Creed,” “Show Me Your Glory” and “God of Wonders” establish the project, yet it is the newer selections that speak the heart of the CD. Of special note are the tracks “Sing A Song” and “May Your Wonders Never Cease.” The first song, as Powell describes it, grew from a desire “to write a simple song about the joy we have because of our relationships with God.” The second reminds us that while we are still sinners, God is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice through the death of His son, Jesus Christ.

Third Day is a talented group of men whose music appeals both to youth and the young at heart. This project is a worthy collection of worship from a band that excels at making music to adore God.

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