This year, MercyMe took home three Dove Awards for their 2001 project, Almost There, including Song Of The Year and Pop-Contemporary Song Of The Year for “I Can Only Imagine.” Lead singer and songwriter Bart Millard also grabbed the Dove Award for Songwriter Of The Year. Almost There set a new standard in Christian music record sales, so logic dictates that MercyMe’s next release might be less impressive.

First, it will surprise many fans that MercyMe’s latest release, Spoken For, is not the sophomore project, but the eighth album by this veteran pop-rock Christian band.

Spoken For is a continuation of the high lyrical standard set by the hit song “I Can Only Imagine,” but the focus moves from the speculation of future bliss to profound truths for the here and now. For the discerning listener, the album is full of verbal hooks and ingenious phrases as MercyMe explores the paradox of life in Christ. For example, the title song portrays the perspective of a Christian who finally gets the message: “Covered by your love divine / Child of the risen Lord / To hear You say, ‘This one’s mine’ / My heart is spoken for”.

“Crazy,” is a provocative, but catchy tune that reverses the world paradigm, establishing the sanity of a life lived in Christ. “Your Glory Goes On” is a slightly funky worship tune that recognizes the infinite breadth of God’s glory.

As strong as this album is lyrically, it is packaged in acoustic and light electric guitar and bass with moderate drums, strong background vocals and the earthy, pure lead vocals of Bart Millard. With the exception of “Spoken For,” and the hymn, “The Love of God,” the project lacks a song with an addictive melody.

Listeners who want to experience some profound truths in their music, however, will relish this album.

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