The highly acclaimed praise and worship band, SONICFLOOd, builds on the momentum of last year’s Resonate with its new album, Cry Holy. Their new collection of songs continues to define modern worship.

To create varied musical styles and sounds, members of SONICFLOOd enlist the talents of other successful artists. Marc Byrd, known for the song “God of Wonders” from the City on A Hill: Sing Alleluia project adds his production and songwriting abilities. Chris Tomlin and partner Jesse Reeves contribute to “Famous One.”

Remakes of “I Will Exalt The One” and “Here I Am To Worship” are included with original songs such as “I Will.” Lead singer Rick Heil wrote the lyrics and music for “I Will,” which proclaims, “So when I lose my life, I save it; I save it? / When You were on the cross / You gave it, You gave it all / I will give You everything.” As the final song on Cry Holy, its lyrics leave a lasting spiritual reminder long after the CD is complete.

One consistent theme arises from every song on Cry Holy. That theme is pure worship that comes from the humble and thankful heart of a person who willingly gives all to God.

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