Just like a wonderful visit with a dear friend, the new CD, Here In America, brings back memories of all the things we love about Rich Mullins. His singing, songwriting and sense of humor are clearly evident in this compilation project.

Here In America includes song demos and live performances, some of which are previously unreleased songs. Mullins had a timeless talent that continues to point the listener toward following Jesus. Be it through the words of a song or a particularly poignant story, Mullins succeeds in capturing the audience.

Familiar songs such as “Here In America,” “Verge Of A Miracle” and “Screen Door” showcase Mullins’ appeal, while the songwriting demo, “Never Heard The Music,” reminds the listener of his strong ability to paint with words.

The audio quality of these live recordings is, at times, not as acoustically clean as the live recordings of today. Yet the simple message of God’s love for us still shines through. Mullins’ humorous side is also revealed to the audience through his asides and introductions to the songs.

Mullins memory and impact on Christian music is still evident. This album brings us a fresh look at a truly talented singer-songwriter who left us too soon, but who continues to share the heart of God with all who will listen.

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