According to Nichole Nordeman, Live At The Door is the “real organic approach” to her music. This project is so natural, it’s like having the songstress play a personal concert in your living room.

The live recording is layered with acoustic guitars, an upright bass and Nordeman’s vocal and piano giftings.

To draw the listener into the live concert feel, warm applause quickly draws the listener into an unplugged, personal setting. Without a hint of studio glazing, the album is unashamedly raw. At times, Nordeman’s voice is brilliantly brash. Her true gift is the ability to suspend a powerful phrase with a gentle breath.

Much has been written about Nordeman’s musical talent, but not on the same scale as her superior songwriting. Nordeman once called herself a “wrestling poet.” Unlike other poets, however, she unearths the reality of possessing a tender relationship with Christ.

Her gift of verse can be heard clearly in “I Am,” “My Offering” and Dove Award Song of the Year, “Holy,” which are included on Live At The Door. The new gem on this album is Nordeman’s sweet rendition of Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time.”

In this performance, Nordeman’s vocals stay pure and perfect, much like that of her earlier work. This live piece proves two things: the authenticity of Nordeman’s talent and that the “real organic approach” can produce a breathtaking sound.

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