How does a die-hard girl-band pursue the “complicated” rock of Avril Lavigne, stay sweet-sixteen enough to feed a Lindsay Lohan frenzy and still serve every note up to God? The short answer is Room To Breathe. The long answer is ZOEgirl’s ongoing dialogue with their fans and how album No. 5 fits into that journey.

ZOEgirl began this project with the same goal as always: listening to their audience and writing passionately to the heart of those needs and experiences. Timeless as those issues are, the lyric pool remains constant: boy-talk, the “we have been there” understanding and encouragement.

Musically, they have got a good batch of pop typicality. “Scream” is one of the smoothest hooks, “Forevermore” is flowing worship-pop, “Dead Serious” cuts almost too close to the rhythm of Britney Spears’ “not that innocent” line and “Let It Out” is surprisingly euro-pop.

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With a few ear-turning moments that verge on the edgy girl-rock of Superchic[k] and even Plumb, ZOEgirl almost undetectably rides the trend waves into a richer, rockier sound while maintaining their much sought after ZOEness.

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