Romantic Gift Guide

Are the following statements true or false?

1. Romance is primarily for the unmarried.
2. Romance lasts only during courtship.
3. Romance requires great expense and effort.
4. Only women need romance in a relationship.
5. Romance should always lead to sex.
6. Romance isn’t a spiritual concept.
7. Romance grows weaker with age.

The correct answer to all the above statements is false.
Romance is a gift every married couple can give each other for a lifetime. It doesn’t have to cost a great deal — imagination is far more important than price. Men, as well as women, can enjoy romance. It doesn’t have to lead to sexual intercourse to be meaningful. It’s a gift from God and it affects our inner selves; therefore, it has a spiritual dimension as well. Finally, it can last a lifetime if we make the effort.

How did you score? This is one exam you’re allowed to take again.

This year for Valentines Day, if you want to feel romantic, act romantic.

We encourage couples to experiment with the ninety-second hug. Here’s how it works: for ninety seconds, one minute and a half, the two of you stand and hug each other.

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Although wives often welcome the experiment, many husbands find it a big awkward at first. Allow us to encourage you men: if you stick with it the entire ninety seconds you’re going to discover just how much you really enjoy it. (One couple misunderstood the directions and tried to hug each other for ninety minutes each day. They admitted it was difficult at first, but now confess they really enjoy it. True story.)

The principle behind the huge is quite simple — if we act like we love and cherish our spouse, we will feel like we love and cherish our spouse. Often we have things the other way around. We wait until we feel affectionate before we act affectionate. Unfortunately that may mean waiting an entire lifetime.

In the Old Testament, Jacob loved and cherished Rachel. He had to work for Rachel’s father seven years to receive her hand in marriage. Then he ended up having to work another seven years to finally marry her. Fourteen years seemed like only fourteen days. Learn from his example and watch how ninety seconds can seem like…far less than ninety seconds.

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