“After 18 years of marriage, I’ve never been more in love with my wife,” says Steven Curtis Chapman

“After 18 years of marriage, I’ve never been more in love with my wife,” says Steven Curtis Chapman. The award winning singer-songwriter dreamed for years of dedicating an album of love songs to the woman who shares his life and career. All About Love realizes that dream, offering a peek into the mind of a happily married man.

Chapman explains that watching his wife, Mary Beth, with their adopted daughter, Shaohannah, 3, signaled the time was right to offer her this musical tribute. “I saw (the adoption) bring my wife alive in ways I’d never seen,” he says.

Naturally, Chapman invited the guest of honor to oversee the project. The husband-wife collaboration on All About Love resulted in what the Chapmans believe is an honest reflection of the journey of their relationship.

Most of the songs Chapman penned himself, but his wife made two special requests. The first was “500 Miles (I’m Gonna Be),” the other “I’ll Take Care of You.” Mary Beth Chapman uses this comforting song to rock her baby girl, Shaohannah, to sleep. Her favorite song, however, is “How Do I Love Her,” which reflects her husband’s earnest desire to understand and honor her as his wife.

Steven Curtis and Mary Beth Chapman have not been content every minute of their relationship. “It isn’t any secret we’ve had our times of struggle,” Mary Beth Chapman says, adding that her husband’s demanding career offers many challenges to maintaining family time. However, despite their ups and downs, she’s optimistic about their future together.

“There’s not a man that I would rather be with than my sweet husband,” says Mary Beth Chapman. “I love him to death.”

All About Love explores romance in the tenderness of a kiss, looks at the sacred communication between the genders and pledges a proactive love.

Steven Curtis Chapman picks “We Will Dance” as the one song on the album that captures the heart of his message to his wife: It contains his solemn vow that whether ballet or break-dancing, they will be partners always.

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