Rachael Lampa may be just under 5-feet-tall, but she plays a mean game of horse. Aside from basketball, Lampa takes pleasure in hanging out with friends at the mall and surfing the Internet. Still just 16, this powerhouse singer has grabbed the attention of Christian music fans with her amazing vocal range and angelic soprano. A resident of Louisville, Colo., Lampa has performed before three million people on Youth Day in Rome, Italy, and has appeared on the “Tonight Show” with Jay Leno and “The View” with Barbara Walters. But the fanfare of success hasn’t dimmed her desire to hear God’s call and live her life exactly where God places her.

CMP: What do think is special about your music? Why do you think people connect with it?

Rachael: There’s just something about being young and hearing things from your peers. When I was growing up, I listened to a lot of Jaci (Velasquez), because it was easier to hear her sing things and say things and be convinced of them. I have written many songs because of conversations and experiences that I have had with younger people. I think there’s a connection there.

CMP: You have mentioned in the past, that you have had to overcome shyness and a lack of self-confidence. In what ways have you succeeded in doing that?

Rachael: I think a lot of it comes with age. I have really learned to be comfortable talking about my faith and being strong about my faith. I have also learned to accept certain qualities that God has given me, like not hiding the way I laugh or how often I laugh. I can let Him shine through me.

CMP: Do you think you have changed as a result of your success?

Rachael: Definitely. Besides just growing up age-wise, I realize my life is not my own. There are times when the answer isn’t right in front of me, and I have no idea what to do. So, I have learned how not to do anything about a situation, but instead, shut my mouth and pray. I have had to make so many decisions, and have been in so many situations where I can’t do anything but rely on God.

CMP: In the past, you have questioned whether people would take you seriously because of your age, but given your success, is that still the case?

Rachael: I think it was hard on the first record, because I didn’t write my songs. But on the second record, I was really able to get in there and write the songs and be fully involved. At this point, if someone didn’t take my music seriously, it wouldn’t affect me at all, because I’m exactly where God needs me to be. I think that is rewarding enough — more rewarding than any praise anyone could ever give me.

CMP: You have been singing since you were a little girl, and you always wanted to be a singer. What would you like to do if you weren’t a music artist?

Rachael: Well, at this time in my life, I would probably be in high school, and I would have good attendance. But I have always wanted to be a (school) counselor or a youth pastor.

CMP: If you had to trade places with anyone in the world, who would it be and why?

Rachael: One person that I really look up to is Amy Grant. She started (performing) when she was my age. I listened to her when I was growing up. I listened to Michael (W. Smith), Amy, and Jaci, but Amy was who I was into the most. I would watch how she did everything with excellence. She was strong. She has been in some pretty harsh situations, and yet she’s always acknowledged God. Recently I went on tour with her, and I saw just how normal she still is. She is truly interested in complete strangers. She is interested in who they are and is able to make a connection by finding something she has in common with them. It just blows me away.

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