I experienced a huge dose of reality after returning from our honeymoon and immersing myself into the routines of married life.

I discovered my husband is weird.

He did not like the brussel sprouts and broccoli I prepared for dinner, especially when combined. My family of origin loved this combination of vegetables covered in buttered bread crumbs and spices.

Weird Man

As he cleaned up the dinner dishes, my husband threw the scraps in the garbage rather than the garbage disposal.

Weird Again

When I went into the bathroom to prepare for bed that night, there were wet towels on the floor and a hard crusty open tube of toothpaste sitting on the counter.

Weird Once More

When we climbed into bed for the evening to snuggle, he passed gas and threw the covers over my head.

Amazingly Weird

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At the end of the week, we had to sit down to pay bills for the first time together. My husband wanted to pay the bills all at once so they were taken care of for the month. I wanted to break them up over the course of the month and put reminders on the calendar for the due dates of the remaining bills.

Double Weird

It doesn’t take long after the honeymoon to discover that your spouse does things quite differently from you.

You’re Normal  —They’re Not

It now becomes your mission in life to point out all their little flaws (that are growing daily into big ones) so your spouse can correct them and become normal again.

Like You

Over the years, “normal” diminishes until suddenly the person you married  resembles an alien monster, and you have to flee for your life to save your sanity. The strange thing is — their eyes, hair, and smile are still the same  — just like the person inside.

Who’s Weird Now?

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