Michael W. Smith is an accomplished artist, known for composing, performing, producing and collaborating on many marvelous Christian projects. He has had 26 No. 1 songs and 34 Dove Awards. Yet, if you ask Smith, he will tell you that being a worship leader is still where he finds his greatest satisfaction.

Worship is an area in which Smith has felt comfortable for more than two decades. God’s calling is very evident in Worship Again, Smith’s newest release. While many of the songs are well-known, there are several new songs within this album.

“Forever We Will Sing” complements “Step By Step,” made popular by Rich Mullins, and “I Can Hear Your Voice” is a collaboration of Smith, his wife, Debbie, and their daughter, Whitney. The final track on the CD, “There She Stands,” is an anthem inspired by the happenings on Sept. 11, 2001.

Smith has woven a rich tapestry of an album, with styles ranging from the upbeat and joyful, to the peaceful and contemplative. The instrumentation is interesting and varied, with beautiful passages written for the violin, cello, electric guitar and keyboards. There is also a subtle international flavor on several of the tracks, primarily Celtic, through the sounds of pennywhistles and Uillieann pipes.

Worship Again includes three recorded tracks and 11 live songs. The live portion of the album was recorded at Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, Ky. The vocals, many of which create the feeling of being right there as a part of the congregation, contain fun, full harmonies. In addition, “Lord Have Mercy” features the guest vocals of Amy Grant.

Worship Again, is a blessing to experience, and is-just as the original Worship was-very much worth the wait!

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