A thought-provoking read, the new book by worship leader Matt Redman dares us to examine our times of worship. After all, at church, we don’t just sing and clap, but as Redman puts it, “We journey into the very throne room of God.”

That seems to change everything. If we are, in fact, entering the throne room of God, shouldn’t we want to take worship more seriously, more reverently? Coming into the presence of God without acknowledging His power, His majesty and His holiness is to lose sight of what worship really means.

Redman reminds us that while many worship services include a lot of shouting with joy, many congregations lack in bowing before God, or even lying facedown before the Creator of the universe. If we were to encounter God face to face, who would be left standing? That’s Redman’s point: Be aware of His glory when entering into His presence.

After all, Redman tells us, God doesn’t need our worship. He quotes Psalm 50:12, “If I were hungry I would not tell you, for the world is mine, and all that is in it.” God doesn’t need our adoration nor our offerings because He owns the world and all that is in it. But Redman explains that although our ability to worship and our offerings come from God Himself, He joyfully receives them because He loves us.

These are words to contemplate. God gave us life, forgave us our sins and although we disappoint Him every day, He still loves us. Yet, we approach worship as though we were folding laundry — going through the motions without thought.

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Mystery cloaks God, Redman says. Which one of us has seen God’s face or can fathom His beauty, His power and His holiness? That inability to sum up God and understand His limitless being is what makes us bow in worship.

“Facedown” is refreshing. Beautifully written, poignant and inspiring, Redman urges us to place our lives at God’s altar. Worship is a form of self-sacrifice, giving ourselves wholly to God without reservation and standing in His presence in awe.

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