About marriage mentoring

Under current trends, young people marrying for the first time face a 40-50% risk of divorce in their lifetime. In a fast paced world of short cuts and instant gratification, Pre-Marriage Mentoring is the step that makes sense — yet it’s the step that most couples avoid.

Marriage Mentoring can’t teach you how to be married, but it will give you a solid advantage. Pre-marriage mentoring is our passion — we’d love to help you experience deeper intimacy. Read about our approach.


Jim and Sheri Mueller Co-Founders, Growthtrac Ministries

What is pre-marriage mentoring?

Pre-marriage mentoring is about spending structured time with a more experienced married couple, tapping into their insights and experience.

Our Approach is relational. To get the most from our sessions, we’ll meet in a safe, comfortable environment and help you identify expectations and objectives for our time together. Using the Prepare-Enrich assessment, we’ll identify your strengths and growth areas; you’ll be better prepared with a more realistic outlook, higher confidence and tools for the future. Jim and Sheri typically meet with couples for 5-6 sessions, but that number can be extended.

Topics we’ll cover

  • Building awareness of growth and strength areas
  • Aligning expectations
  • Transitioning from singleness
  • Working through in-law conflict
  • Identifying tools and resources
  • Developing marriage skills
  • Spiritual Discovery — what do you both believe?
  • After you’re married, where do you get help? Building a support system
  • Negotiating pre-wedding planning conflict


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mentoring is…

  • A Resource Provider
  • Encouragement
  • Truth-Telling
  • a Model
  • Pointing the way
  • Interraction that imparts experience, wisdom and discernment
  • A person investing time in you

mentoring is not…

  • Partnering with a parent
  • Partnering with a friend (on a social level)
  • Counseling
  • Necessarily long term
  • Advice from a perfect marriage