what’s the difference?

Have you committed to pre-marriage mentoring, but are unsure of next steps?

When it comes to mentoring, you have a few choices.

1. Be mentored by your pastor or officiate

2. Engage a counselor/therapist

3. Enroll in a mentoring program with a pre-marriage mentor couple


To help you make an informed decision, please consider . . .


  • Jim and Sheri Mueller are the co-founders of the marriage ministry, Growthtrac Ministries. The Marriagetrac ministry was birthed out of the needs of our mentor couples. Today, Marriagetrac serves One-Million couples annually and is a respected, leading marriage resource. — More about Jim & SheriRead the Chicago Tribune article
  • Jim and Sheri were trained and certified through a leading one-year pre-marriage mentoring program. They later taught and certified new mentors in this program.
  • We utilize Prepare-Enrich, the #1 relationship inventory and couple’s assessment tool. Jim and Sheri are Certified Prepare-Enrich facilitators.

  • Over a 15-year period, Jim and Sheri have mentored more than 100 couples
  • When you engage this ministry for your mentoring, both Jim and Sheri will mentor you. We believe best results come from a two-on-two relationship
  • We’re here for you. If you’d like, we’re open to extending our relationship beyond the wedding date.
  • We only do pre-marriage mentoring. This is our specialty. This is our passion. We want you to succeed.

Start Mentoring

We will provide you with a vision for marriage, conflict resolution, budgeting, spiritual issues, communication, and sex & intimacy. In addition, each of you will complete the PREPARE-ENRICH Inventory from Life Innovations, which will help us better coach you in our time together.As Christians, we place a high value on the principles of the Bible. With this said, we respect your rights to grow in the spiritual path you have chosen for yourself.

The pre-marital education you receive is designed to be fitness training for your relationship. Our role is to facilitate the process while you discuss issues, and develop skills necessary for a healthy, growing marriage. This is not counseling or therapy.

Marriage mentoring is not a guarantee of relationship success. Ultimately, that is the responsibility of the pre-marital couple.