Title:  Learning To Lose
Band:  The Turning
Label:  RKT Music
Length:  12 Tracks
Released:  June 6th, 2006

Rocketown Records which has primarily been a home for pop, folk and inspirational artists has now loosed the rock band The Turning on us. Rocketown now has two legitimate rock bands in its stable, the other being Hyper Static Union. Learning To Lose the debut CD from The Turning has been released under Rocketown Records new imprint RKT Music.

The first groove from this CD that really caught my ear was “Out Of My Hands” which occupies the number three slot. Born out of the personal experience of songwriter/lead vocalist Jacob McGinnis “Out Of My Hands” is a song of surrendering to God’s will. McGinnis says, “The smallest thing could throw me into a state of depression and hopelessness. God laid it upon my heart, that the things that are our dreams, aren’t always the same as the dreams that He has for our lives.”

If it had been me I would have chosen the fourth track “Through All The Earth” to open the album. It is a much stronger tune than “Never Again” and “Home To You”. “Through All The Earth” is a melodic rock anthem that lends itself to youth conferences, services and concert settings.  The song opens with some stellar guitar riffs by guitarist/songwriter Matt Warren, McGinnis and bassist Jeremy Little. The words of praise lifting skyward will have you on your feet singing along to this great worship tune. The tenth track “For You” a gentler worship song and “Through All The Earth” compliment one another well.

Although The Turning has their own unique sound they are cut in the mold of bands like Starfield and Building429. Guitar driven worship anthems where the instruments and vocals are in harmony with one another rather than competing for attention. Too often rock bands forget that it is actually nice to be able to clearly make out the lead singer’s words.

“Lift You Down” is easily the prettiest song from Learning To Lose. The album is aptly titled as thematically most of the songs speak to struggle, disappointment, surrending to God’s will and finding victory not in what we clutch closely but what we are willing to give up. The words to “Lift You Down” echo that theme; “When you are reaching for the sky/Do you ever wonder why?” We have all been there haven’t we? The song however is one of hope that lets you know no matter how long or fruitless your efforts may seem peace and goodness awaits us in Christ.

The Turning has it all, they play wonderful rock ballads, worship anthems and edgier rock tunes like “In My Mind”. Michael W Smith’s label is breaking new ground with its fledgling imprint RKT Music and The Turning is one of the rock bands that is leading them to the Promised Land.

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