Simply stated, The Heart of Me is Kathy Troccoli’s latest CD, and her first project since 2000. Below the surface, however, the CD is much more.

The Heart of Me lets us eavesdrop on intimate conversations of faith, love, dependency and thankfulness between a child and the Father. Kathy Troccoli’s well-known and distinctive voice delivers the words, but they’re words any of us, in quiet prayer or corporate worship, have spoken in our daily moments with God.

The songwriting is a collective effort, with producer Nathan DiGesare, as well as Troccoli herself, sharing much of the load. With lyrics that are crisp, clean and well crafted, The Heart of Me delivers messages that are neither pretentious nor preachy. If Troccoli’s ambition is to minister, praise and offer hope in an often-confusing world, she succeeds. The songs are thoughtful, not trite, with a welcome lack of vague wording or the obligatory cutesy turn of phrase-often shoehorned into many hit-record-wannabes.

The album is well-stocked with a mix of musical textures and tempos, woven nicely into a production package that isn’t overblown. Though track No. 7, “Heaven Knows,” has the well-worn sound of a big-screen ballad playing as the credits roll, the rest of the songs on The Heart of Me, are generally understated, but contain catchy hooks and likeable melodies.

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Troccoli fans will love this new project, and those unfamiliar with or lacking in enthusiasm for her music might be surprised at its appeal. Heartfelt and sincere, simple but not condescending, The Heart of Me is one of Troccoli’s best CDs to date.

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