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Five Minutes in the Bible for Men

Is not this the carpenter, the son of Mary, and brother of James and Joses and Judas and Simon? — Mark 6:3 NASB

If you’re like me, you have an image in your mind of what Jesus may have looked like. I know we’ve all seen the many famous renditions of Jesus’ portrait, but did He really look like that? How dark was His skin? How tall was He? Did He really have long hair and a beard? If Jesus would appear today, would we recognize Him? Was He media-handsome, which some think necessary to be accepted today? How would He have looked on TV? Did He have a strong masculine speaking voice?

All these questions appear before me and they somewhat prejudice my thinking about Him. After all, being a carpenter was not a very prestigious profession.

Jesus was not accepted among the people of His hometown. They marveled at the crowds who gathered to hear the wisdom that came from His mouth. However, they were confused. “Is not this the carpenter?” They thought they knew Jesus too well; they couldn’t believe that a simple carpenter could be elevated to the prominence where crowds would gather to hear Him teach.

One man who proclaimed Christ is remembered even today, although he took a vow of poverty and lived a simple life. Saint Francis of Assisi died more than 780 years ago, but he has never been forgotten. Great men and women by the hundreds of thousands have lived and died — kings, conquerors, millionaires, artists, musicians, and scholars. All have been forgotten, but not Saint Francis of Assisi. The world stood back in wonder because he had no money, but he acted as if he were richer than the richest. This little man’s body was scarred and wracked with pain, yet he sang sweeter than any bird. He was a beggar who smiled as he dined with the famous and laughed as he shared his last crust with a leper. He learned to love everything that lives as part of God’s creation.

Whoever pursues godliness and unfailing love will find life, righteousness, and honor. — Proverbs 21:21 NLT

Saint Francis had a secret worth knowing, and the world has been learning it from him ever since. The secret is the wisdom of Jesus, who some thought was just a carpenter. This plain carpenter was a builder of lives. He used more than lumber to create His structures. He used plain ordinary people just like you and me to further God’s kingdom. Isn’t that amazing — using common ordinary men and women?

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As I am challenged to be like Jesus, may I be like Saint Francis, and not let social status or societal limitations prevent me from becoming the person Christ wants me to become.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and instruction. — Proverbs 1:7

Prayer: Father God, I, too, can be more than an ordinary carpenter. Light my path so I won’t stumble along the way. Amen.

Insight: Humility, generosity, gratitude —  what application can you make to your marriage? Talk together.

Action: Pray about your potential. Ask God how He wants to use you.

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