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Five Minutes in the Bible for Men

Esau… sold his own birthright for a single meal — Hebrews 12:16 NASB

Have you ever laughed at someone who paid a ridiculous price for an antique, a vintage car, a boat, or an outdoor barbecue? I sometimes look in travel magazines and see where they are advertising a week’s vacation in Hawaii for a thousand dollars a night. I say to myself, “Who in their right mind would pay that much for a place to sleep?”

One of our great Americans, Ben Franklin, tells a little story about a whistle. It brings home the common sense of not selling one’s birthright. You’ve often heard that “common sense” is not so common anymore — and how true that is.

When Ben was only seven years old, he was charmed by the whistle of a friend and impetuously traded all the pennies he had to his friend for this noisemaker. His purchase made him the target of his family and friends, who pointed out to him the folly of bargaining before reflecting on the worth of one’s purchase.

Experience is a wonderful thing. It enables you to recognize a mistake when you make it again. — Franklin P. Jones

In our lives, we run across a lot of whistles for sale. Our “common sense” question is, “Are we paying too much for the whistle?” This is especially true when it comes to trading our reputation for a trinket. If former President Clinton had asked himself this question, he might have realized that the price of the whistle named Monica Lewinsky was too much, and he would not have chosen to pay the price he did.

Our strength is shown in the things we stand for; Our weakness is shown in the things we fall for. — Unknown

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Another woman has a husband who travels a lot and she has become bored with her lifestyle. A very nice gentleman friend helped her break up her boredom by taking her out to dinner and to the theater. What had been a casual occasion has now become a regular occurrence. Is she paying too much for the whistle?

What is a whistle worth? As Christian men, we must use the Word of God to help us determine the value of the whistles in our lives. Many times we must answer, “That whistle isn’t worth the asking price.”

Prayer: Father God, when we find ourselves looking to the future because we aren’t content with today, may You give me a peace of mind that lets us rest where You have placed us. Amen.

Insight: What whistle has been traded for things that should matter most in your marriage?

Action: Tell the story of Ben Franklin’s whistle to your children at dinner tonight. After you share a time when you paid too much for a whistle, ask them if they can think of a time when they have done the same.

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