Rarely do I see Facebook comments about spouses that inspire me, but one friend posted more than 50 items on what she appreciates about her husband. The list is well thought out, fun, and filled with a few behind-the-scenes secrets.

There are several lessons women can learn from this list. First, find the positive things in your husband and verbalize those qualities to him. If you do, he will go to the ends of the earth for you. Second, more often than not, it’s easier to find the faults and point them out. If we lived under such scrutiny every day, we would fail miserably. Third, if you let him be the man in your home, he will rise to the occasion.

Men, you are not off the hook. There are lessons for you to learn from the list too. First, take other men under your wings as well as young boys in your family, and inspire them to live out this list. This isn’t wimpy stuff. Second, a true manly man will think beyond himself and act in a caring, loving way toward his wife and children. Third, this is the type of legacy worthy of consideration.

Jeannie gave me permission to repost her list:

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1. He works hard to put others first.
2. He does what is right without ever drawing attention to himself.
3. He takes time to relax and take care of himself.
4. He always shows me in little ways that he is thinking of me.
5. He makes me feel special and treasured.
6. He puts up with me.
7  He buys me farm animals as presents. ♥
8. He truly loves our kids and does everything he can for them.
9. He is fun to hang out with.
10. He is heroic and brave.
11. He always steps up to help.
12. He is patient.
13. He works so hard.
14. He never gives up.
15. He looks damn good on a tractor.
16. He never really complains.
17. He lets me win arguments even when HE is right.
18. That ‘stache is sexy.
19. He loves God.
20. If I were more like him, I would be more Christlike.
21. He takes crazy risks for others.
22. He is spontaneous.
23. I trust him completely.
24. He is forgiving.
25. He has strong convictions and stands by them.
26. He is so calming in a crisis.
27. He never seems to worry.
28. He “forgets” my shortcomings and faults.
29. He is humble.
30. He is dependable.
31. He is always my safety net.
32. He is my best friend ever.
33. He is so smart about life.
34. He never lets anything get him down.
35  He is resilient.
36. He tries to make my life easier.
37. He praises me.
38. He always tells me I am pretty even when I look like a hag.
39. He is generous.
40. He makes me proud to be married to him.
41. Our marriage is proof that God really loves me and hears my prayers.
42. He is a fantastic dad.
43. He always seems to be in a good mood.
44. He buys me flowers.
45. He brings lunch one day a week and sits in my little cramped office and eats with me.
46. He plans for our future.
47. He can fix/build anything.
48. He always thanks me for dinner and tells me how good it is.
49. He kisses me good night, hello, good-bye.
50. He knows what is important..
51. He keeps it simple.
52. That man can cook!
53. I know he prays for me.
54. He always encourages me to do more for myself.
55. He buys me yarn and wears the hats I make for him.
56. When I feel like giving up he keeps me going.
57. Everyday with him is brighter, busier and more full of fun and life.
58. Life without him would be pretty grim.
59. He is good with animals.
60. He is romantic.
61. He not only married me (which was a huge risk ), he renewed his vows to me in front of our friends and family.

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