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The David Crowder Band is different. You might think it’s frontman David Crowder’s wild hairstyle or his 4-inch goatee. Maybe it’s the frequent humorous vignettes on life found on the band’s Web site. Perhaps it’s the music or lyrics. Undoubtedly, the difference is because of Jesus’ influence.

Illuminate is artsy, thoughtful and God-focused. Lyrically, Crowder brings original material and a fresh outlook to the worship genre. While all the songs on Illuminate are vertical in nature, Crowder still captures the essence of a real relationship with God, complete with the ups and downs.

But beyond the clever lyrics, Crowder’s music is capable of connecting with the listener on an emotional level. Illuminate is exuberant and joyful in places, but it has its moments of introspection. Anyone who has felt unfulfilled or apart from God may very well find solace in the lyrics of Illuminate.

Meticulously pieced together, the instrumentation on this acoustic/alternative rock album is intricate and richly textured, including mostly electric and acoustic guitars, bass and drums. But the album really covers no new musical ground since their 2002 debut, Can You Hear Us? The multiple talents of the band members are also showcased through the creative mixing of turntable scratches, vocal samples and violins. Production credits on Illuminate include Charlie Peacock (dc talk, Switchfoot), Mitch Watkins (Joe Ely, Abra Moore) and Jimmy Eat World’s Zach Lind.

The song “Stars” is worth the price of the album. Using an acoustic guitar, violin and a spacey effect, Crowder captures the awe of gazing at the stars or looking at the moon on a misty night. In the splendor of the moment, Crowder directs his attention to the listener, offering this encouragement: “?I’ve got nothing of my own to give to you / But this light that shines on me / Shines on you / And makes everything / Beautiful. again / It’ll be alright.”

David Crowder Band adheres to no formula for musical success, nor does it seek to be popular. Without effort, the six-member Waco, Texas based group has become one of the most sought after bands on college campuses and a leader in modern worship.

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