Have you ever wanted to be part of a new venture that would positively impact marriages on a national scale?

KLOVE radio has gifted airtime to Marriagetrac, allowing us a daily broadcast on their stations. These 60-second vignettes will feature Sheri and me along with leading marriage experts and Christian music artists, presenting daily Marriage Minutes — simple words of encouragement & inspiration — to KLOVE’s 3,000,000 listeners.

KLOVE is the nations most popular Christian, syndicated radio station covering 42 states in 261 markets.

We’re excited about this opportunity, and you too can be part of this project.
Though KLOVE has provided free airtime, we need to fund production services and purchase broadcast equipment — an un-budgeted need for a very worthwhile project.

Your gift is critical to moving forward on this opportunity.

There’s never been a better time to partner with us.
Your tax-deductible gift of $25 or more will :

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  • Expand our reach; introducing more marriages to our ministry.
  • Send a message that will reach couples in a unique way — throughout their day, wherever they are — communicating hope & encouragement.

Imagine hearing our KLOVE broadcast knowing that you helped make it happen. The momentum is with us — Compared to last year, we’re experiencing three-fold growth. Now, you and I have a chance to make an even bigger difference!

Please, if you feel the way I do about marriage click here to take the next step.
I’m looking forward to hearing from you very soon. I’ll keep you informed on our progress.

Jim Mueller
President & Co-founder

PS. And remember, your gift is tax deductible.

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