As a marriage mentor, I’ve attended more than fifty weddings over the past twelve years. But this summer we witnessed the most beautiful wedding.

Some may say all weddings are beautiful; I would have to disagree. For me, the level of beauty becomes evident in how a couple invites God into the center of the ceremony. This wedding  was different than any other we’d attended  — it was a worship experience.

From the moment the guests were seated, the music drew you into God’s presence. As the couple came forward to the altar, as with most weddings, the attention was on the bride. However, the pastor immediately invited those in attendance into the couple’s story, of how Christ had changed their lives. After that, carefully chosen Scriptures told God’s story of how he designed marriage between a man and a woman. The pastor then brought the witnesses back into the fold by asking them to be supportive and loving, and to hold the bride and groom accountable for their vows.

A hush fell over the room. A moment later, the pastor prayed a prayer of thanksgiving. Then he paused and told the story of how this couple had chosen to court rather than date. Today would be their first kiss. People sitting behind me drew in their breaths with a gasp and whispered, “No kissing, that’s amazing!” The pastor instructed the new husband to gently take his wife into his arms as a cherished and delicate piece of china, and enjoy the passion God had created between them with their first kiss. The groom did an incredible job!

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As the ceremony closed, the attendants broke into a song of celebration and dancing with the focus on joy and gratitude to God. They raised their arms and swayed and sang alleluias. I sat there and wondered if I caught a glimpse of how weddings were in Jesus’ time, when celebration and dancing occurred for a week. My husband and I left the wedding ceremony with huge smiles on our faces.

I have a feeling this will be a wedding that is imprinted in our hearts and minds for a very long time.

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