Date night doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive to be wonderful. And there are countless benefits for married couples having one or more date nights a month.  Research shows that couples who had a regular date night, experienced improved communication, prevented relationship boredom, boosted their sexual chemistry, and lowered stress. Couples who had regular date nights were all less prone to divorce than those who don’t make quality time together a priority.

Creating a happy marriage should be fun, not exhausting. From fun to romantic, easy to active, here are 15 date night ideas to try out this week.

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Fun and Cheap Date Night Ideas

  1. Roleplay:  This is a fun date night idea you have to try. Meet at a social setting and pretend like you are perfect strangers, then”meet each other” all over again.
  2. Go out to Take Photos: Photography is so accessible nowadays. Whether you’re using your smartphone or a professional camera, choose a beautiful area of your town and take pictures together or take turns modeling for one another with some portrait photography.
  3. Cook a Meal at Home: You don’t have to go to a fancy restaurant to woo your spouse. Why not cook a romantic meal at home together? Put on some classic jazz or your favorite music and spend time together in the kitchen. Dance to the music and share a glass of wine.

Romantic Date Night Ideas

  1.  Recreate Your First Date: This is one of the most romantic date night ideas out there. Take your sweetheart out and try and recreate your first (or favorite) date. You can even pretend you are actually on your first date and get to know each other all over again. This is a sweet and sentimental way to spend your evening.
  2. Take a Horse-Drawn Carriage Ride:  What is more romantic than strolling through the streets of your city being pulled by a horse-drawn carriage? This is classic romance at it’s best. Take advantage of the beautiful scenery and old-world vibes of this classic date night.
  3. Get Massages: Sharing a weekly date night is probably one of the only chances you have all week to relax with your spouse, so why not do it the right way?  Sign up for a couple’s massage or spa day and pamper yourselves with a foot massage, back rubs, and relaxing steams. The oxytocin released during physical touch, especially when shared with a partner, have been shown to reduce stress.

Active Date Night Ideas

  1.  Hiking:This is a great way to take in some scenic views while getting in quality time with your spouse. Use the time you spend hiking to talk and enjoy nature and the great outdoors together.
  2. Exercise Together: Who says going to the gym can’t be a date night activity? Getting fit will keep you both feeling confident and healthy. Plus, studies reveal that exercise relieves stress and when you do it with a partner, you are more likely to keep up with your exercise routine for two years or more.
  3. Take a Class: Research shows that shared activities promote marital satisfaction and help couples feel closer. One great date night idea is to take up a class together. You can learn a new language, an instrument, or volunteer together with your spouse. Not only is this a fun way to spend your date night, but it also teaches you to rely on one another for support while you learn something new.
  4. Go to a Comedy Club: For your next date night, head down to your local comedy club or watch a Netflix comedy special together.  This fun date night idea can actually boost marital satisfaction. Studies show that shared laughter causes couples to feel more supported and satisfied in their relationship. What could be better than laughing the night away with your partner?

Classic Date Night Ideas

  1. Dinner and a Movie: This is a classic date night option for a reason. Take your spouse out to a fun or romantic restaurant where you can talk and connect. Then head out to the movie you’ve both been dying to see. This is the perfect mix of communication and entertainment.
  2. Going for a Walk Together: Date night doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. The next time you’re itching for some quality time together, why not go for a stroll around your neighborhood? Bottle up some coffee and take a stroll together, arm in arm.
  3. Lay Out Under the Stars: Is there anything more romantic than the night sky? The next time the weather is reporting clear skies, take a blanket into your backyard or out on your patio and get cozy together. Cuddle up as you point out the constellations to one another and whisper sweet nothings in each other’s ears.
  4.  Visit a Museum: There’s something about visiting a museum together that screams cute and classic date night idea. Museums are entertaining, yet this still gives you the opportunity to talk to one another and boost that precious oxytocin with kisses and hand-holding.
  5. Go See a Show: This is one of the most fun and exciting date night ideas out there for a happy marriage. The next time you’re up for a little adventure, go online and book tickets to your favorite concert, play, or Cirque Du Soleil and have fun.

If you want a happy marriage, you need to spend quality time together doing what you love. This will strengthen your relationship for the better.

Copyright © 2019 Rachael Pace, used with permission.