What is a promise? The dictionary defines the word promise as “a statement, either oral or written, assuring that one will or will not do something.” It’s a vow, or a pledge.

You’ve probably made a few vows and pledges in your lifetime — to your spouse when you exchanged wedding vows and pledged your undying love, to your local church as a member, to a company’s code of ethics, to a branch of the government, to the armed forces, or even to a close friend. So you have some experience with promises, vows, and pledges.

In the next 30 days you will look at the promises of God…and God’s power to follow through and keep His promises. This is important because the power of a promise depends on the one making the promise.

And, dear reading couple, that means you can trust in God’s promises. Why? Because of God’s nature and character. God is described as the “God, who cannot not lie” (Titus 1:2). Therefore, you can be confident that if there is a promise in God’s Word that has an application for you, you can accept that promise with full assurance. God will do His part to fulfill that promise. It’s His nature. And God cannot lie!

Are you willing…to put God’s promises to work in your life? The Bible offers many powerful promises. God’s promises are there for the taking. God would not offer what He is unable or unwilling to give. So you can be assured of the legitimacy of His promises. When it comes to putting God’s powerful promises to work in your life and marriage, the issue will never be with God. No, it will always be with you and your willingness to do your part to put God’s power and promises to work.

Are you willing…to do what God asks of you? Tapping into the power of God’s promises will demand something from and of you. “What will be required of me?” you ask. A firm resolve to do what God asks.

And before either of you throw your hands up in defeat, realize that God is not asking for perfection. No, God knows us well, and He knows our weaknesses. He is only asking for progression — progression indicated by…

— a willingness to follow God even though at times you stumble and fall (Philippians 3:14),

— a willingness to ask for forgiveness when you falter (1 John 1:9), and

— a willingness to stay in the battle (and it is a battle!) of becoming a couple after God’s own heart (Acts 13:22).


The truth is, the promises are yours. Are you ready and willing to put them to work in your life? In your marriage? If so, read on to discover God’s powerful promises…for you! The next 30 days will be an immeasurable blessing in your relationship and journey together!

Father, may we grow to trust your promises more and more and reap the blessings You desire to give us.

Adapted from A Couple After God’s Own Heart.
Copyright © 2013 Jim & Elizabeth George, published by Harvest House, used with permission, all rights reserved.

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