As a woman you can build a man up or tear him down merely by the level of respect you give to him and the amount of faith you have in him. Your tongue wields greater power than any double-edged sword.

I’m not sure if my wife began giving me respect and admiration before I started acting like a real man, or if the respect came after my actions. However, it’s my perception that her offering respect and admiration (even if I didn’t necessarily deserve it) was a major contributor to my changing from a complacent, self-centered man, husband, and father into an active, motivated man interested in lifting others up to help them reach their potential.

I do know that she taught me what love was. I grew up in an emotionally dangerous and often physically violent world. I did not know how to love. My wife’s patient example and teaching helped me to heal wounds that I didn’t even know existed. Once I started to heal, I was more able and willing to fulfill her needs and desires. Without her nurturing nature and loving spirit, I do not know if I would have ever healed to the point of being able to truly enjoy life or love another person, much less myself. Needless to say, she has influenced my life tremendously. And because I influence many people through my work, she has contributed to the touching of many other lives as well. All because she used her feminine influence with her man the way God designed.

It takes much more work and effort to build something than it does to destroy it. Like either a skilled craftsman or a demolition contractor, a woman is capable of building up or tearing down her man. That’s a big responsibility and a power that many women do not recognize. Some women, such as femme fatales, use their power for destruction and self-gain. Other women do not use it at all and become victimized. The best circumstance is where a woman understands her power and uses it responsibly to benefit her life and those of her entire family.

Many men have been brought to salvation because of their desire to be close to a cute young gal. And many a man, myself included, has gotten a new lease on life due to the love of a good woman.

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A woman has incredible power. She can destroy her man with her words or she can help him become the man he could never be without her support, faith, and encouragement. There’s not much a man can’t deal with in life if he knows he can come home to a loving, supportive wife who respects him.

I made a couple of assumptions while writing this book. One is that the reader is already in a relationship with a man. Some of you may be still looking for a good man, but that is another book sitting on my desk just waiting to be published. The other assumption is that you are in a relationship with a reasonably good man. Maybe he isn’t perfect, but at his core he’s a good man with the potential to be better. You would like to know how best you can help him be the best man he can be.

A woman can understand how to fulfill a man’s life and help him become more than he would be without her. A man also has a duty to help meet his woman’s needs.

You can have the ability and insight to help shape, encourage, and inspire your man to greatness. . . . a Man Whisperer!

Adapted from The Man Whisperer, Copyright © 2008 by Rick Johnson. All rights reserved.Used with Permission. Published by Revell Books.