Stay Pure

Is there anything easy about confessing a sin? No. But skipping today’s question won’t move you any closer to fulfilling God’s plan for your life. It would, in fact, be a terrible idea to say, “O God, you’ve just got to help me with my purpose in life,” all the while refusing to turn away from sin. Today is a good day to confess your sin(s), which simply means to “agree with God.” Let him receive your confession today, before you lay any requests at his feet.

What is your most unrelenting sin? Is it hatred, cheating, stealing, hoarding, or a judgmental attitude? Is it lying, gossip, infidelity, or impatience? Are you struggling with an obsession or a sense of entitlement? Are you harboring bitterness in your heart? And who would want to go before the throne of God to admit her laziness, addiction to drugs or pornography, or martyr syndrome? See how Michelle McKinney Hammond, cohost of the Emmy-nominated talk show, Aspiring Women, has dealt with her sinful nature.

For years, Michelle couldn’t figure out how she could have such a successful advertising career, yet continually flounder in the area of love relationships. This led her on a journey in search of perfect love, but what she found was not quite what she expected: she fell in love with God as her spouse! Today, she has become a nationally known author, speaker, singer, and television cohost, as well as the president of HeartWing Ministries.

Michelle teaches women, both single and married, how to develop more intimate and fulfilling relationships with God and others. Michelle wishes that every woman could discover the joy that comes form having a romance with the Lover of her soul. She strives to communicate the Word of God in a practical manner, so that others can experience victory in their lives in the area of singleness and everyday relationships. Years ago, Michelle confessed her anger and her doubt that God could heal her broken heart. God heard her confession and restored her trust in him. Today, she confesses that her sin of being a people-pleaser causes her to overcommit herself, which leads to feelings of resentment when she has been stretched too thin, which leads to more guilt about not having the right attitude. She thinks she may be getting better, though, about not overcommitting in the first place.

She says, “Confession is the only path to deliverance and restoration. It reveals the painful reality of how undone we really are and what changes need to be made in our lives. It’s actually quite liberating to see our situation through God’s eyes, because he always includes hope in the picture.”

Excerpt from Praying For Purpose for Women by Katie Brazelton, Copyright © 2005 by Katherine F. Brazelton

Published by Zondervan. Used with Permission.

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