Nevertheless is usually a word that usually accompanies an afterthought but the melodic rockers Nevertheless can never be accused of being anything but the main subject of a conversation concerning good music. The opening track “Real” from their newly released album “Live Like We’re Alive” sets the stage for a record that pulls out all the stops. “Real” is the first single to be released from the debut album and the song sets the stage for an album chock full of lyrics that hit you hard with the message that faith in Christ is real and has substance. The song acts as the intersection for faith confronting doubt.

Josh Pearson the lead vocalist/guitarist wants listeners to know, “We don’t want to just play for status or for a cool factor.  We want every person who comes into contact with us to be encouraged.”

Fans of edgier harder rock will really enjoy the title track. The riffs are gutsy and tinged with acid. Lead vocalist Josh Pearson proves he is just as gritty a singer as he is a good balladeer. Pearson’s vocals really come to the forefront however with the eighth track “Perfect Chemistry” a solid rock anthem that talks about relationships. AJ Cheek, Brad Jones and Pearson are stoked on guitar and Adam Wann finds the groove on bass. Adam Rowe wields the sticks on drums.

Under the guidance of producer James Paul Wisner (Under Oath, Dashboard Confessional) Nevertheless has arrived at a sound that provides the right balance between hard driving guitar riffs and issue confronting tunes. This band reminds me a lot of BarlowGirl because they clearly show once again that rock music can put Christian mores at center stage in a way that will not only attract youth but hold their attention. Rock music in the Christian sector has matured with artists such as BarlowGirl, Decyfer Down, Skillet and now Nevertheless. It is no longer a novelty but a solidly entrenched genre.

Aren’t we glad that the group didn’t follow through with their plan to disband after Pearson left for college? He kept writing and Nevertheless kept playing.

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