What is it?

The Men’s Marriage Tools is a men’s marriage study that comes to you via email.

If you’re like most guys, you want to read more in this area, but finding time is a problem. Christian bookstores overwhelm you, not even knowing where to start. So we’ve removed the pain.

Our studies are based on best-selling, Christian marriage titles. The concepts are proven and easily applied to your life situation. These books are “study friendly” — They’ll hold your interest with a crisp format and practical principles.

So, this can help my marriage?

You bet. ▪ First, our studies are based on relevant, tested material; presented in a crisp, bullet-pointed format. ▪ Second, the content speaks right to the core of what makes good marriages tick —Prayer, Communication, Servanthood, Love, Romance, Respect — it’s all there. ▪ Third, because of the automated nature of the studies, you’ll find it easy to get into the groove. ▪ Finally, your wife will love you more for this.

Each email study corresponds to a chapter in the book and contains Commentary, Observations, and Practical Next Steps.

The Books

▸  Thank you for using the links above for your book purchase; our ministry will benefit from the Amazon affiliate links.

Okay. So I enroll, then what…?

▪  First, almost immediately, you’ll receive an introductory email. This message contains important instructions and tips. ▪ Then, seven days later the study begins when the second email arrives. We wait seven days in case you need time to pickup the book (though not required, it’s a good idea to follow along in the book). You can order the books on Marriagetrac or at your favorite book store. ▪ The subsequent email studies will arrive every five days.

The length of the studies vary. And here’s a cool feature: With each email study, you can click a link to accelerate the process.

What if I have email issues?

Good question. Just know that if something goes wrong, we’re here to help.  Contact Us

I like coffee with my reading material. Can you throw in a Grande Caffè Mocha?

Uh, no. But we are working on an online expresso machine.

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