Five Minutes in the Bible for Men

Your two breasts are like two fawns — Solomon 4:14

For some reason, our marketers in print media and advertising executives try to portray sex as something that is fashionable, and everyone’s doing it. I remember a quote from Billy Graham. The reporter wanted to know how he and Ruth had romance in the elder marriage years. His reply was very touching. “Ruth and I romance with our eyes.” Isn’t that true? The older you get, the more you realize there are a lot of ways to make love without doing it. Emilie and I often just sit on the sofa and hold hands, or we walk on the beach holding hands, or we hide a love note under each other’s pillow.

A man often comes into the bedroom and leans up against the doorsill and announces to his wife, “Tonight’s the night.” After a long hard day with the children — cooking meals and cleaning the home — she answers back, “For what?”

We men need to know that our wives look at sex differently than we do. Below you will find several ideas for you to consider when your wife answers, “For what?”

  • Hold hands.
  • Give a big hug.
  • Respect each other.
  • Give each other sexy looks.
  • Write a poem for her
  • Send her flowers.
  • Rent a romantic video.
  • Listen to music together.
  • Take a scenic drive.
  • Flirt with each other.
  • Trust one another.
  • Talk on the telephone.
  • Wash her car.
  • Listen to her hurts.
  • Be faithful.
  • Help her with the housework.
  • Send her a funny card.
  • Tell her a funny joke.
  • Make a list of what you like about her. Give it to her.
  • Give her a special gift.
  • Take her out to a nice restaurant.
  • Read a book together.
  • Visit a museum.
  • Relax in a spa.
  • Give her a gift certificate to her favorite store.
  • Take a bike ride, and remember to wear a helmet.
  • Take a walk arm-in-arm together.

If you follow these 27 ideas, your wife won’t answer you with “For what?” as often.

Love isn’t like a reservoir. You’ll never drain it dry. It’s much more like a natural spring. The longer and the farther it flows, the stronger and the deeper and the clearer it becomes. — Eddie Cantor

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Prayer: Father God, let me broaden my idea about sex. I want to be sensitive to my wife’s moods and energy level. I want her to enjoy our romance as much as I do. Amen.

Insights: How would your wife rate you on the 27 point list, above?

Action: Pick out one of these 27 ideas and do it today.

Copyright © Bob Barnes, published by Harvest House Publishers. Used with Permission.

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