On an average day, I receive 100-150 spam e-mails about my love life and my need to wear BLING while enjoying romance with my husband. The other day, after I’d deleted  another barrage to my spam folder, I turned to my husband and said, “Honey, did you know we need so much help with things in the bedroom?” He started laughing. And so we began saving some of the funnier suggestions for spicing up our love life  — the ones that appealed to our warped sense of humor. I have taken great care to tastefully edit the material.

It’s time to vitaminize your desire to help you prepare for action all night long and become her Drillosaur. For frequent “getting busy,” she’s to wear nothing but her BLING. This will help you become an artist of love, because your performance in bed defines you. You are guaranteed to experience love extreme.

Christian couples find navigating the bedroom difficult enough without sorting through the distorted messages sent via the Internet and through mainstream media. After looking at 900 spam e-mails this week, I saw a clear picture of how the world views sex emerging — it’s all about my needs and what I deserve. God’s love through the act of sacrifice is entirely removed from the bedroom.

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There is an amazing richness and beauty within Scripture that provides an incomparable set of instructions on intimacy in the bedroom. Unfortunately, few couples pick up the Bible and read it together. God’s design for sex is pure, good, wonderful, and perfect. God thought sex was so important that he set aside an entire book, called Song of Songs, fully devoted to it.

This world sure knows how to mess up a beautiful thing.

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