The other evening I vegetated on the couch to catch up on a few old programs I’d TiVo’d. As I fast-forwarded through the commercials (my favorite thing to do), I noticed that Who Wants to be a Millionaire is still on. This brought to mind the show’s lifeline concept, where contestants can phone a friend to help them figure out an answer to one of the questions. I’ve always wondered what time of the day the program was taped. What if a contestant called at three o’clock in the morning—would their friend answer the phone?

Maybe I’m a bit unusual in my way of thinking, but allow me to run with this concept.

Through the years, I’ve been humbled by the friends my husband and I have gathered into our lives. Friends have called us for prayer and encouragement, stopped by our home to drop off meals, and offered to clean our home while I have recuperated from surgery. Their love has touched my heart immeasurably. They have loved us well. They have been our lifelines.

Unfortunately, there was a period in our marriage where our friendships were superficial. We separated ourselves from deeper intimacy with friends because the glaring pain in our marriage would have been obvious. Avoidance and isolation were our modes of operation, and we continued to walk this path until we were on the edge of a pit looking down into a hole of despair and could not see our way out.

What pulled us out of despair? We called a Christian friend and took the first step toward openness, honesty, and wisdom. That’s what God asks us to do—to seek wisdom when our vision is clouded, and we’re in need of a correct answer. Proverbs 4:7 says,

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“Wisdom is supreme; therefore get wisdom. Though it cost all you have, get understanding.”

I’m grateful for the love and wisdom of Christian friends (our lifelines) God has brought into my marriage. Without them, I would not be committed to a marriage that is worth more than a million dollars to me.

I’m praying you find lifelines that will provide you with godly answers.

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