You don’t need to watch the television show. A walk by the supermarket tabloids or a chat at the water cooler will bring you up to speed. Kate and Jon have filed for divorce. And if you want the grueling details, you can watch their marriage unravel — up close and personal — on their hit TLC reality show, Jon and Kate Plus 8.

What once was a sweet, honest look at a family struggling to get through, has become a voyeuristic journey through celebrity, paparazzi and a family’s deterioration.

Looking in from the outside — as we’re fed this highly-produced, scripted “reality” entertainment — it’s impossible to know what’s really going on. What we do know is these parents of eight have decided to call it quits.

In the midst of talk shows, a book tour, television crews and contracts — and eight children — I wonder if Jon and Kate really gave it a shot. Have they paused and thought this through?

Jon and Kate: there’s still a chance.

1. Quit the show.

2. Stop the books, interviews, PR and “Plus 8” projects.

3. Get help.

Yours wouldn’t be the first celebrity marriage to hit the skids. What makes you unique — and what makes me especially impassioned is — you are Christ-followers. You have an edge. Show the world what Christ’s restorative power can do in a hurting marriage.

Go back to what you believe — marriage is a lifetime commitment. Pray and ask Jesus to restore your marriage. Surround yourselves with people you trust. Get into professional Christian counseling.

Marriages — even marriages like yours — can be restored. However, you have to want it.

The natural progression will be divorce. Don’t let that happen.

Need a reason? I can think of 8.

No longer conform to the ways of this world, but the renewing of your minds. Romans 12:2

Copyright © 2009 by Jim Mueller. Jim is the President and co-founder of Growthtrac Ministries.