Yes. Many times — but not for this interview. Jeremy and his five metallic friends — guitarists Scottie Henry and Chris Day, bassist Jake Schultz, drummer Daniel Davison and singer Cory Brandan — have such frenzied schedules right now, they not only couldn’t connect in person, they had to go the e-mail route for this interview.

Now, we all know why Jeremy’s so busy, but Norma Jean? You bet. The band’s just finished an international tour across the U.S., Canada, Europe, Japan and Australia. And before you can say, “Who needs Ozzfest?,” Norma Jean’s back on the road as a key player in this summer’s “Sounds of the Underground Tour.” And while television networks such as MTV2 and FUSE are spinning the band’s videos, mainstream mags like Alternative Press and Revolver are giving them prime real estate. Why? If you have to ask, we take it you haven’t heard Norma Jean’s second — and newest — album, O’ God, The Aftermath (Solid State). We’re talking about a CD that released this past March and sold more than 19,000 copies its first week out — that’s a tobyMac-sized number, folks!

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