Jaci Velasquez’s new album, Unspoken, speaks volumes. It seems as though the album is the final step in tracking her transformation from a Christian pop idol to a vulnerable person.

Unspoken is a pop-rock album replete with beautiful, addicting melodies and subtle sprinklings of Latino guitar. With seven of the songs written by Velasquez herself, this album is refreshingly honest and introspective of her Christian walk. This may be her best work yet.

There are so many highlights in this project, they can’t all be listed. “You’re My God” embraces those moments when you’re so excited about your friendship with God that you just have to scream. “Jesus Is” is Velasquez’s powerful, but simplistic, answer to people who are curious about what Jesus means to her.

Reminiscent of true Christian innocence, “Where I Belong” captures the essence of Amy Grant’s first album. “Lost Without You” is a catchy snapshot of submission in a relationship with so many melodic hooks you have no choice but to go along quietly. “Something” depicts unrequited love with unparalleled lyrics and a hauntingly beautiful melody.

Part of Unspoken’s success is due to an impressive collaboration of producers including Tommy Sims (Eric Clapton, Bonnie Raitt, India.Arie, Amy Grant), Emelio Estefan (Gloria Estefan, Shakira, Ricky Martin), Matthew Gerrard (Nick Carter, BB Mak, Plus One), and Velasquez produced one song, “Your Friend,” herself.

Almost as a crescendo, the project ends with the song “Shine”: “And in the end you’ll make amends / Be a true friend, strong enough to bend / Be grateful when you start again.”

And it seems as though that is what Velasquez has done — started again.

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