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God’s Purpose for Every Woman

Search me, O God, and know my heart. — Psalm 138:23 NKJ

Weight has always been a struggle for me. I spent years dieting. Diets work. Each time I followed a plan according to the rules, I lost weight and was happier. The happiness gained through dieting didn’t last, though. I never could stick to the rules and would gain the weight back. Then I was sad.

This cycle repeated itself for 20 years. My weight and size went up and down. I don’t have to tell you this is not a good thing. Yo-yo dieting is unhealthy for your body and mind. I was in a rut I hope never to revisit.

My journal used to read like this: 8:00 a.m.— My goal today is to eat healthy and stick to the plan. 8:00 p.m.— I ate fruit for breakfast. I exercised. I ate salad for lunch. Then, I don’t know what happened. I stressed out. The kids were crazy and the house was a mess. I ate like a pig the rest of the day. What is wrong with me? God, I need You to fix me.
It saddens me to read those words. I was living in condemnation. In my eyes, I was a failure. If I wanted to change, then why didn’t I?

After reading through my old journals, I was amazed at how much time I spent agonizing overweight issues. I would never define my life by my weight, yet it was consuming my thoughts. I consider so many other things more important than food: my husband, my kids, and my friends, to name a few. I love God with all my heart, but I wasn’t acting much like it. I was focused on myself instead of Him.

I was finally ready to surrender. Did I want change? Yes, but I wanted real and permanent change, from the inside out. No diet can do that. Only God can.

We can do things our way or God’s way. Our way may produce temporary results or pleasure. For instance, diets worked and the results made me happy, but they only fixed me on the outside, and for me, only temporarily. In order for the treasure of true change to occur, I needed God to come to the forefront of the process. So I made Him my focus.

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As I spent more time in the Bible, I found eternal treasures that are far better than temporary ones. In Christ I am accepted, loved, and significant! He loves me no matter how much I weigh or how many times I fail. When I turned my focus to God, I dropped ten pounds. Would I like to lose more? Yes, since every weight chart I read says I’m still ten pounds overweight. But that is no longer my main focus.

If you are trying to fight what seems to be a losing battle in your life, I want you to know you are not alone. Join me in searching for your treasure God’s way.

Dear Lord, Your Word says I am wonderfully made. Please examine my heart and lead me to make choices that honor and please You. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Application Steps
Make God your primary focus, even above that which you desperately want changed.

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