A Love that Lasts

Weddings are turning points in our lives. We grow up thinking about what our wedding will be like. It is a magical, dream-like, ultimate goal for many. We take that walk down the aisle knowing we will never be the same. Unfortunately, the time of bliss can be marred with the blues. It’s normal for brides and grooms to feel anxious, nervous and have knots in their stomach and even feel nauseated.

Here are a few tips for beating pre-wedding blues.

Be organized

Put your expectations in detail with your service providers. For example put in writing the type of music, flowers or food you are requesting. Then call the vendors two days ahead and verify the time, date, location and service they are providing. Delegate, if you cannot handle the details on your own.

Set reasonable expectations

No one is perfect, don’t become obsessive over one detail (color of lining in the basket that the flower girls carry). Have some flexibility.

Don’t let money- the lack of or abundance of rain on your parade

Options can overwhelm. If there are too many choices it becomes complicated. Or if the costs seem too high the joy of the wedding planning can be sapped.

Take charge of your physical self

Reduce stress by walking. A brisk walk around the block or the bridal salon can release tension. Breathe. Inhale and exhale slowly. These tense plans cause us to stop breathing regularly. Breathing relaxes the mind, body and nervous system. Laugh. Find humor and pleasantries in the planning process.

Brides and Grooms to-be should

Take time off from planning and enjoy being a couple. Planning can smother love. Strive for unity in the planning. Listen to each other, be flexible, and remember the reason for all the planning- you love each other.

Handling the family

Understand that parents experience separation anxiety and this will heighten what their sons and daughters are feeling. There will be some family members who push your buttons, keep them away if possible. Enlist help from a neutral family member to handle sticky situations with divorced/remarried family members.

Dr. Sheron C. Patterson is the senior pastor of the St. Paul United Methodist Church located in the heart of Dallas, Texas. Dr. Patterson is a nationally recognized Christian relationship expert and author of The Love Clinic: How to Heal Relationships in a Christian Spirit

Her sage advice has been broadcast via Black Entertainment Television (BET) and Jet Magazine. On a weekly basis, believers in 40 cities hear her “Love Doctor” broadcast on the syndicated ABC radio format REJOICE. Locally she co-hosts “Inspirations Across the Metroplex” on KRNB 105.7 FM’s gospel music/relationship radio program on Sunday morning.

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