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Starting Us on the Right Foot We couldn’t be happier that we started our marriage out on the right foot with the help of Marriagetrac. Although we were in love and had things in common, we attribute the success of our relationship to the tools Marriagetrac provided us. Without them, we wouldn’t have gotten to know each other in such a powerful way. Marriagetrac is essential for any marriage. —William and Rose


Showed Me How to Share My Feelings When I first began receiving your daily updates, my husband and we were drifting apart. I secretly resented him for our lack of date nights and time together. One of the first Marriage Minutes I read included questions to start a meaningful dialogue with your spouse. The next talked about praying for your husband. It may seem small, but those Marriage Minutes helped me openly express how I was feeling in a way that did not diminish or belittle my husband. As a result, we got through that rough patch. And now our daughter says we act like high-school sweethearts who make each other blush! —D.R.


Helping Me Hold On I’m a newlywed, my husband is deployed in Iraq. I love reading your marriage articles. Please keep doing what you’re doing. — Morgan



Guiding Me Toward the Gospel While surfing the Internet, I accidentally landed on Marriagetrac. I angrily submitted a question stating I’d always hated God and asking why they thought they had the answer. I never expected to get a reply from the staff—but I did. My next few contacts with Marriagetrac were a mixture of them telling me I needed Jesus and me attacking the person who wrote me. Yet over the next few days, God used many things–including Marriagetrac’s persistent, gentle emails—to soften my heart. After wrestling with God for hours, finally surrendered to Jesus Christ. He’s transforming me—and my marriage. Thank you, Marriagetrac, or your commitment to serving God through this excellent ministry. — Emily


The Perfect Find Thank you for allowing God to work through you all! We are so glad we found Marriagetrac and it couldn’t have come at a better time! — Tom and Jennifer

Please note, to respect privacy the photos and the names have been changed.

Hello, I just wanted to thank you for your ministry. Today’s devotional was something I needed to hear. I am also a Facebook fan. I appreciate your ministry and facebook page because now it brings me to reality and it helps me to lift up and surrender my husband to the Lord in the midst of my pain and disappointment, to give myself time to heal, and to hope (and oh how hard it is!) that one day, someday I can once again be able to say things I love most about my spouse.  — anonymous

My husband is in Afghanistan and I send him your devotionals by e-mail. It is such a blessing to get them! I rely on these to get me through these days. We have been blessed by Marriagetrac. Thank you!!!!! — Denise

I live in a small town and have not been able to share my hurt. This is the only place I can unburden myself. I almost killed myself for having no one to talk to. — Robin

Marriagetrac will always hold a different meaning and purpose to me. For most it’s marriage — For me it meant finding life. — Cynthia

I have been struggling for a long time about the decision to accept Jesus. Reading your message is what made me realize that I need Jesus and I want Jesus in my life. Thank you so much for the nudge I needed! — Casey

I have been able to correspond with people who are experiencing the same problems as me and who understand exactly what I am going through. When I am having a difficult day, I can get encouragement from people who love the Lord and in return love their fellow man. I know God is with me, but it is great to know there are others who care about me as well even though they don’t know me personally. Marriagetrac is a safe place to vent and to get advice — anonymous

Thanks for sending these (devotions) and feeding my spirit daily. I appreciate you! — Melissa

I am always grateful for the Marriage Minute and read it first thing in the morning…Thank you for providing this service. You are a blessing in my life and you remind me daily of what is right and good and true and how to love  — Susan B.

I am not sure if you realize how many lives you touch, but after I read the daily marriage minutes, I pass them on to my husband in Iraq. He then forwards on to his troops as well. Thank you for allowing me to be a partner in your helping of Christ’s Kingdom~ With Hope in Him  — Denise

I think your website is truly awesome and so helpful for so many issues. I’ve found God working through me and some misconceptions I’ve had over the years to be answered the first time I visited your website. — Dee

Just wanted to let you know what an incredible site you have — I am enjoying it personally and professionally! Bless you for your innovative, comprehensive work to meet so many needs. — Andrea

I must say I am highly impressed with the quality of advice and resources. — Christine

I really appreciate the service you provide. Many times you have ministered to me through your Daily Devotionals; they have had a significant impact on my life. One night last month I cried and cried and to the Lord asking him for help, strength and guidance in a continuous struggle I’ve been going through. I woke up the next morning and I was ministered to, and put at peace through a message from Marriagetrac. Thank you Jesus for Marriagetrac’s ministry. God’s bless you. — Millicent S.

I want to compliment you on the excellent articles and information on your site which I find to be outstanding and very useful in my work with my young clients. — Valerie

I have enjoyed your ministry and have found it helpful in understanding past mistakes and resolving my present situation. I’ve been to a number of Christian relationship web sites and none of them have moved me that way Marriagetrac ministry has. Marriagetrac’s ministry has helped me and I know it was God’s guidance to your web site and my obedience to Him that has allowed me to reach out . Tanisha L.

Marriagetrac has been a lifeline to me and my husband. When I first found out about my husband’s affairs during most of our marriage, I didn’t function too well. I searched for Christian forums and immediately found Marriagetrac. Being able to converse with people who’d been where I was, understood my pain, was highly important. I didn’t feel alone anymore. — anonymous

Marriagetrac has helped me to realize that I am not alone in my circumstances and I have received Godly advice and caring fellowship. — anonymous

I am a regular visitor to Marriagetrac and am truly blessed by your web site. — Dave E.

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Marriagetrac Radio

Just heard the “Cheezy-Lactose Intolerant” thing…Oh gosh…too funny. I have always wanted to tell XM radio that… (A) Playing large amounts of “News Boys”, “Third Day” and “Michael W. Smith” (B) Playing music older than 10 years OR (C) combining A & B …WILL not hasten HIS return. I know it takes some form of passion AND time to have play lists like that you have. Thank you for the effort, it is appreciated. —John

I’d really like to know where you folks came up you’re your playlist… someone must really know and have experience with worship. It is amazing that other Internet and satellite stations claim they play modern worship and really don’t. You’re great. I do support you. — Mike

Great radio station, my favourite! — A listener in the UK

<I LOVE your mix of contemporary worship music — lots of variety — and not cheesy lol!! I also like the marriage tips- very practical. I’ve sent some of my friends and my newly married daughter to GT Radio. Seriously you are the best radio station on line or otherwise I have ever listened to. I always have it on. Thank you!!!! GOD BLESS!! — Cheryl

I found you first on iTunes yesterday. You’re my favorite!! I will be recommending your station because of the excellent music and the marriage support teaching. — John

You’re my favorite!! I will be recommending your station because of the excellent music and marriage support. Thank you and blessings! — Cheryl

Great station (Marriagetrac Radio)! i just found you today through iTunes and I love it. As a husband going through a rough time in my marriage with a wife who has/is having an affair and wants to leave, I find your advice refreshing!

Christian music without the cheese! — Aubrey

Been listening to Marriagetrac radio. Brilliant! Thank you. — Lynne, UK

LOVING Marriagetrac RADIO!! It’s such a huge blessing – thank you! I’m listening in from Western Australia! Bless you guys! — Kate

The live stream of music gets me through my day in front of the computer at the office and makes me feel really good. May God continue to bless this ministry — Becky

Listening to Marriagetrac Radio from Paris. A blessing enabling Christian Music from my Hotel Room, and a comfort for being home-sick! Thanks GT!

I had been searching for a Christian station that I was ‘in tune’ with for some time, basically going through the large list on iTunes radio. Marriagetrac radio stood out as I seem to like every single track that gets played! It is a very good way to find new artists that I like to listen to. I like the pearls of wisdom that get thrown in as well. I have just started tuning in during my day job as well as it is so enjoyable. It’s too bad that I can’t get it in my car as well as I drive for up to 2 hours a day. The station is a great source of inspiration.

Marriagetrac is a Focus on the Family Referral Organization and a Promise Keeper Alliance Ministry.
I was on your site today. I am very impressed with the quality, structure and messaging. Marriagetrac is an excellent model of how a marriage site can be relevant, encouraging, impacting and appealing to current marriage culture. Keep up the good work! Mitch Temple Marriage Program Manager, Focus on the Family
Marriagetrac provides information which enables couples to remain committed to Christ and the kind of marriage relationship He desires for them to have. Such information is difficult to find in today’s society. In today’s world of online living it is great to know that a site such as this will steer couples toward God’s Word and His desires for their marriage. Dr. Emerson Eggerichs Speaker & Best Selling Author
Searching for a great online marriage resource? Marriagetrac is my marriage destination. Rich in timely content and tools, Marriagetrac provides the relational intelligence and spiritual groundwork you need in your marriage. Check it out. John Tesh Television host, recording artist, music director and syndicated radio show host
Couples are so hungry today for guidance, help, and hope for their marriages, so I rejoice over the timely, innovative ministry that Marriagetrac provides! They make it quick, convenient, and inexpensive for couples to access fantastic relationship-building tools at the click of a mouse! Shannon Ethridge Best-selling author of the Every Woman’s Battle series
Always fresh and relevant, Marriagetrac will speak to you with sound marriage advice and excellent content — no matter where you are in your marriage relationship. Our ministry tells others that Marriagetrac is the best marriage website you can find — you are the benchmark! Dr. Gary Smalley Family relationship expert, best-selling author, and counselor.
It’s great to have a ministry partner who desires to strengthen marriages and families. No matter the issue at hand, Marriagetrac is the navigational tool to help you find helpful, real, impressionable marriage information. Dr. Gary Rosberg Founder of America’s Family Coaches
Whether you’re just beginning to investigate Christianity, struggling in a spiritually mismatched marriage, or desire to more fully partner with God, Marriagetrac has the tools you need.Lee Strobel Author and Speaker
I have found Marriagetrac to offer practical ideas, current information and clear goals for building healthy marriages. I commend you in what you are doing. Dr. Gary Chapman President of Marriage and Family Life Consultants, Inc.
In this age of marital meltdown we need all the help we can muster to empower couples with resources for going the distance. And the ministry of Marriagetrac is a terrific tool for doing just that. We deeply value and support its efforts. Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott Authors of Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts
My friends at Marriagetrac will equip you for faithful living. What more could you ask? Do you want to stay on track? Don’t miss out on this wonderful resource. Ron L. Deal, LMFT, LPC,Director, Successful
In today’s fast-paced, throw-away society, people are too quickly giving up on their marriages. Thank you, Marriagetrac, for providing a safe, realistic, practical and inspirational place for real couples to get help and hope. Lysa TerKeurst President, Proverbs 31 Ministries
Looking for “the best of the best” for your life and marriage? Thankfully, the best kept online secret isn’t very secret anymore. No wonder America’s most popular authors and speakers say “yes!” when Marriagetrac calls. David Sanford President, Sanford Communications, Inc. Co-author, Living Faith Bible (Tyndale House)
Growtrac is a great place to go for helpful, practical, realistic insight on how to strengthen and equip couples. I’ve recommended it to my own readers!  Ginger Kolbaba Managing Editor Marriage Partnership magazine
Marriagetrac has been a great support to countless people all over the world. I so appreciate all that they do to help couples strengthen their marriages, become all God wants them to be. Stormie Omartian Author and Speaker
Just a note to say” thank you” for the Marriagetrac web site. The articles, reviews and interviews are well written and clearly address the joys and challenges of marriage today. I regularly refer others to Marriagetrac including couples I mentor and churches looking for solid Biblical teaching on marriage. JoAn S. Mink Director Marriage Ministry, Willow Creek Community Church
Marriagetrac is good people doing good work in a good cause. I’m glad for the marriages that will be strengthened because of this ministry! John Ortberg Author, Pastor, and Speaker
Our church was greatly blessed by the Muellers and Carebs through the ministry of Marriagetrac is a tremendous resource for marriage renewal. Each one in attendance highly recommends Marriagetrac and their resources to any church or organization seeking to minister to couples. God has truly blessed the Muellers and Carebs with the gift of encouragement and that was evidenced by the many hearts they impacted during our Valentine’s Retreat. Pastors Bill Brown and Paul Hefft First Baptist Church, Lexington, Illinois
The Divine Design experience was a rich and deep journey into married intimacy… On the many levels which God intends us. We are blessed, challenged, and strengthened in our marriage by taking this journey with Marriagetrac! Pastor Ralph Scherer Racine Community Church, Racine, Wisconsin
Marriagetrac is full of helpful information that focuses in on the everyday issues couples face. They enlist experts to write articles who are able to address the important topics such as: Issues in a Marriage: resolving conflicts, relating to your mate, purity within the relationship, finances, and so on. The site is a much-needed resource for engaged couples, newlyweds, and those married for many years, to guide them to establish and maintain a successful relationship. Janis Backing Publicity Manager for Moody Publishers
Like many people, I find myself deleting without ever opening many of the things that come across my computer screen. I just don’t have the time to deal with more information overload. But I have found Marriagetrac to be an entirely different experience. Every time I open the newsletter I am served, informed and inspired. It goes beyond information to the heart of my life and marriage consistently. I am an eager reader and supporter of this great ministry approach. Valerie Bell Author of Made to Be Loved
Marriagetrac has proven to be a great tool for our ministry to engaged and married couples. The site is loaded with timely articles and the newest books and resources that we depend on to make our ministry relevant to our couples. Frank P. Hannigan Director, Family Ministries Archdiocese of Chicago
In a world that’s watering down the true passion that can exist between one man and one woman, Marriagetrac is a shining beacon of truth. I love the conversational and approachable tone of the advice, articles and interviews. And it’s really refreshing to find that Marriagetrac is a one-stop link to just about every great marriage seminar, book and resource out there. These guys aren’t trying to promote just they’re own stuff! I love it and you will, too! Dannah Gresh Founder, Pure Freedom
I appreciate the ministry of because the content I find on the website is always fresh and relevant. They have helpful information from most of the names I recognize in the marriage and relationship field plus some lesser known but refreshing voices. It seems like every time I visit the site I find something new. Rob Gaskill Director of Strategic Alliances, Christianity Today International
It has been our experience that finding a reliable and up to date source of information on any topic is hard to come by. Marriagetrac is an exception to this. Not only does Marriagetrac steer couples to reliable areas of information on how to have a healthy marital relationship, it is also a source of such information. As marriage mentors, we regularly use and refer couples to the information on Marriagetrac and its resources. Bill & Mary Jo Leinheiser Marriage Mentors at a large Midwestern Church