What is SYMBIS and how does it help marriages?

The SYMBIS Marriage Assessment

Saving Your Marriage Before it Starts with Pre-marriage Counseling

Many are unfamiliar with pre-engagement counseling and how it can benefit their future marriage. Why premarriage counseling?

Divorce has become more prevalent and accepted in our society. For that reason, it makes sense we should take extra precautions to have happiness in marriage. A newly divorced friend once told me, “I knew we weren’t supposed to be married, but too much money had already been spent on the ceremony and reception. Invitations had gone out. It would’ve been too embarrassing and hard to break the engagement.” This story is a great example of why pre-engagement counseling or mentoring can be of value.

Counseling should ideally focus on answering two main questions: Is the couple emotionally and spiritually ready for marriage? If so, when should they ideally do so? Counseling should come after the engagement, focusing on how to be married, revealing strengths and growth areas. Olan Stubbs

What is the SYMBIS Pre-Marriage Assessment?

Are you a counselor,  pre-marriage mentor, marriage ministry staff or volunteer?

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You want the very best for the couples in your care and you want a system that makes it personal, profound and easy. Say hello to the SYMBISSaving Your Marriage Before it Starts — Assessment.

The SYMBIS Assessment by Les & Leslie Parrott
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The SYMBIS Report

Meaningful pre-marriage counseling that includes:

  • Accurate and consistent results backed by deep research
  • A complete process that adjusts to your requirements
  • Exercises and numerous conversation starters
  • Applies to couples and groups
  • An objective, clear report will indicate the couple’s position and direction.

SYMBIS is accessible, meaningful and practical.

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