Romantic Coupons

The file is in pdf format. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view or print your coupons. Acrobat is free and may be downloaded here

Here’s what you do

  1. Download your free coupons.
  2. Next, open the (pdf) file on your computer and print as many as you like. For best results, use a color printer and a high quality paper.
  3. Cut out the coupons and present them to your spouse. And remember, presentation counts!


Need more romantic ideas?

Romance For Both of You

  • Accountability is important. Discuss how you might form a “Board of Directors” for your marriage.
  • Be intentional about date nights. Get out your calendar and set some dates.
  • Beam a Text love message to your spouse.
  • When’s the last time you had fun as a couple? Get together and plan a date night.
  • Get out of the air conditioning and take a romantic walk.
  • Create a romantic memory today.
  • Focus on better communication. Be more open and honest.
  • Volunteer something you haven’t shared before.
  • Focus on forgiveness. Is there something you need to ask forgiveness for?
  • Have you tried Prayer Walking? Use your exercise time to pray together.
  • Mark all of your “Romantic Reminders” in your phone or Mole notebook; Include date nights, your anniversary and getaways.
  • Reminder: A date means time away; with no kids, just the two of you.
  • Commit to reading the bible together. Take turns daily reading a section from a One Year Bible.
  • What are your marriage Expectations and Concerns, now and in the future? Talk about them.
  • Through a marriage organization or your church, plan a weekend retreat getaway.
  • Start keeping a journal of events and milestones in your relationship.

Romance For Her

  • Call your wife right now and tell her you love her.
  • Design a special romantic night at home with her. Plan all the details. Be creative.
  • Ask your wife how you can pray for her. Then, on a regular basis, pray for her and your marriage.
  • Leave work early today and surprise her with flowers and a date night.
  • Tomorrow morning, take your wife to Starbucks. Over your favorite coffee, make plans for your next date night
  • Prearrange with her employer, a surprise afternoon limo ride to a day-spa for a makeover and lunch.
  • Have her car waxed and detailed.
  • Give your wife a homemade coupon booklet consisting of romantic and practical freebies.
  • Make a commitment to pray with your wife for a few minutes every night before you go to bed.
  • While you’re away on a business trip, have a bouquet of flowers delivered to her.
  • Forget the other stuff in your life. Today, focus only on your wife.

Romance For Him

  • Purchase some Audio Books on a marriage topic. He can listen on his commute to work.
  • Make his favorite desert…Chocolate Chip Cookies?
  • Have flowers delivered to your husband today.
  • Let him sleep in tomorrow morning.
  • Give him a gift certificate to a massage therapist.
  • Pick up a blank card at a card shop and for no special reason, write him a love note.
  • Give him a gift certificate to his favorite coffee shop.
  • Read the Power of a Praying Wife, and pray for him..
  • Buy a book written by his favorite author and read it to him in bed each night.
  • Text your husband a love note!
  • How can you serve him today?

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