Growthtrac Ministries does not grant permission for our articles to appear on another website.

  1. We grant permission for any article to be photocopied for ministerial or educational purposes. This permission is granted with the understanding that no more than 100 copies will be made, the material is distributed free of charge, and that the following credit lines appear:“This article first appeared on Used by permission of Growthtrac Ministries”  Also, you must include the attributions and copyright that appear in the footer of the article. Example:  “Copyright © 2016  by James Mueller, published by Tyndale House Publishers, all rights reserved, used with permission”
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Growthtrac Ministries is not the copyright holder for much of the content on — however, as we have made an investment in adapting and editing these articles (with publisher permission), we actively monitor unauthorized use of our content and we will report copyright violation to the publisher/ author.

Thank you for your co-operation and most importantly, thank you for sharing the information and for keeping the conversation going.