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You’re a Christian, but your spouse is not. Or you’re both Christians yet there’s a disparity in your levels of spiritual maturity. Or perhaps you’re both thriving spiritually in your daily walk but you want to be better equipped to confidently address the questions about or challenges to your faith that are bound to come your way. Marriagetrac has assembled a great selection of books designed to help you grow in your relationship to Christ in vibrant, faith-affirming ways. Check out the books below selected specifically with you in mind.

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A Case for Faith Strobel —Award-winning reporter and author Lee Strobel (The Case for Christ) once again uses his investigative skills to address the primary objections to Christianity

The Case for a Creator — Strobel investigates the latest scientific discoveries to see whether they form a solid basis for believing in God.

The Case for Easter Strobel — Did Jesus of Nazareth really rise from the dead? Of the many world religions, only one claims that its founder returned from the grave.

Death and the Life After Graham —Our culture trains us to prepare for almost everything but death. How can we know what awaits us beyond this life?

Give Me An Answer Cliffe Knechtle — offers clear, reasoned, and compassionate responses to the tough questions skeptics ask.

The Grace Awakening Swindoll — In this bestselling classic, Swindoll urges readers not to miss living a grace-filled life.

How Reliable is the Bible? Poling —This revised edition of Tough Questions, designed for use in any small group setting, is ideal for use in seeker small groups.

Know What You Believe Little— Know What You Believe has helped countless new and longtime believers understand the basic truths of their Christian faith.

More Than a Carpenter Josh McDowell’s timeless examination of the true nature of Christ and his impact on our lives is one of the best-selling Christian books ever

Three Views on Creation and Evolution Moreland— Three views on creation and evolution are presented in this popular format whereby the contributors provide their own articles and respond to those of their peers.

The Case For Christ Strobel —The Case for Christ records Lee Strobel’s attempt to determine if there’s credible evidence that Jesus of Nazareth really is the Son of God.

Classic Christianity George — For every vibrant, fulfilled Christian, there seem to be nine who are “doing all the right things” but still feel bogged down, tied up, or burned out.

Eternal Security Charles Stanley —addresses the age-old issue of grace vs. works in this compassionate, straightforward book.


Intelligent Design Dembski —”Einstein once remarked that the most incomprehensible thing about the world is that it is comprehensible.”

Know Why You Believe Little —In this revision of the bestseller on Christian apologetics-the best just got better!


Becoming a Contagious Christian Mittelberg — Discover why we are called to be Contagious Christians, how authenticity, compassion and sacrifice help us relate to seekers and how to clearly share the gospel with those you love.

Reason to Believe Sproul —This book deals with the tough questions of Christianity, giving sound answers for people who want to do more than scratch the surface of Christian truths.

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