The marriage relationship is one that requires attention, nurturing, love, and fun! We provide resources — articles, interviews, assessments and radio programming — to help you and your marriage grow. If you want to reignite your marriage with passion and intimacy, we’ll help. If your marriage is in a tough spot and needs help or encouragement, Marriagetrac has the best marriage articles from the top relationship experts.

We’ll help you find hope for the tough times, and get motivated for making your marriage what God intends.

There are lots of ‘marriage articles’ on the web. What makes us different? We try to present the topics that matter most, taking a culturally savvy, relevant — but biblical — approach.  Marriage topics that matter to Christians are often the same as non-Christian marriages, but Christian marriage web sites often ignore these hot topics. That’s where Marriagetrac delivers.

Articles on Marriage and Family